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Sinkhole Insurance

Protection from the unexpected

Protection from the unpredictability of mother nature

Typical homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover damage from sinkholes. We can help keep you and your home protected.

People invest significant resources in their homes and vehicles. Mortgage companies require homeowners to protect their assets with suitable home insurance policies, but most do not require the inclusion of sinkhole insurance. Sinkholes have the potential to destroy homes and property, but because they are relatively rare, most people never consider; how real that threat could be for their family. Although sinkholes are unpredictable, you can protect your property with a sinkhole insurance policy.

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Sinkholes are catastrophic phenomena that occur all over the world. They are natural depressions or holes that form in the earth’s crust and can result from both natural and man-made causes. Sinkholes can cause minor depressions in the earth’s surface that are barely visible but can be a highly destructive event that swallows up cars, roadways and even homes. Some sinkholes happen gradually over time while others are sudden and disastrous. A ground-shift of as little as a couple inches can be enough to severely damage the structure of a home or building, rendering it unsafe for habitation.

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Sinkhole Insurance Cover?

Sinkhole insurance will provide compensation for damages to your business or home, outlying property and personal belongings kept inside the building if they are damaged as the result of a sinkhole on your property. Be certain to carry enough coverage to allow you to completely rebuild if your home or business is completely destroyed. This insurance will also cover necessary preventive measures, such as structural bracing, to keep an impending sinkhole from causing severe damage to your property.

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Sinkhole on my property?

Many sinkholes develop over time. Maintaining your property and keeping your eye out for changes in the ground, is the best chances of avoiding damage. Things to look for include:

  • Cracks developing around windows or doors
  • Windows and doors that are becoming progressively more difficult to open and close
  • Depressions in your yard or in areas surrounding your home
  • Deep cracks in outdoor walkways, driveways or the street near your home
  • Unusual sediment in your drinking water